IMX Postal


IMX France is a private post specialized in the dispatch of international parcels. An alternative post, authorized by ARCEP.

IMX France enjoys a unique position on the French market for logisticians and e-merchants and represents a very serious alternative to other public and private postal operators.


IMX France consists of three entities, each of which corresponding to each phase of development of a package shipping activity.

– allows individuals and small businesses to send parcels worldwide by dropping them in pickup stores.

– allows buyers worldwide to order on French and European sites not delivering to their country of residence, to receive their orders to a French address and then to get delivered. An innovative solution for e-merchants not to lose international sales or to test a market.

– IMX is the operator of e-merchants and logisticians with a more inportant daily volume of shipping.


199 bis, rue Saint-Martin, 75003 PARIS

+33 (0)4 30 65 04 10

12h30 - 18h00